Linux beats Windows NT


In this senario, the overall size of one million files was about twice as large as the 2 GB of main memory. The total number of requests in test runs for which a reboot had previously cleared the buffer cache was clearly below 500,000. Files would generally have to be loaded from hard disk before being sent through the net.
In this setup, the freeware system clearly shows better results: While NT can hardly manage more than 30 requests per second, Linux can handle more than 166. With 512 client processes, it even manages 274 pages per second. Since more than 400,000 pages are retrieved during this test, however, we cannot be entirely sure that the increase especially towards the end of the graph isn’t down to a caching effect. But who would complain about an overly efficient buffer cache?
When calling CGI scripts, Windows NT is no match for Linux. As the load is not confined to kernel mode in this case, Linux can benefit from additional CPUs. The graph at the top nicely depicts the linear increase for a CGI script with integrated delay.


One Response to “Linux beats Windows NT”

  1. Stephan Beal Says:

    Oh, come ON! Windows NT is more than 10 years old – of COURSE is can’t keep up with a modern OS! i’m not fan of NT (i’m a die-hard Linux user), but it doesn’t serve the Linux community to prove (again) that Linux can beat the pants off of last millenium’s OSes. It just makes us look pathetic – like we’re grasping at straws. Some of the world’s fastest supercomputers run Linux, and not one of them runs WinNT. Isn’t that enough proof that Linux is faster (or can be faster) than NT?

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