Recover deleted files from Linux filesystem

Recovering files from the Linux filesystem can be done using many software as well as inbuilt tools in Gnu/Linux
This is for recovering files from ext2fs filesystem
recover project
This is the genral methos for recovering files from all filesystems

Backup with rsync

How to back up over the network with rsync — and why you’d want to…

What’s so great about rsync? First, it’s designed to speed up file transfer by copying the differences between two files rather than copying an entire file every time. For example, when I’m writing this article, I can make a copy via rsync now and then another copy later. The second (and third, fourth, fifth, etc.) time I copy the file, rsync copies the differences only. That takes far less time, which is especially important when you’re doing something like copying a whole directory offsite for daily backup. The first time may take a long time, but the next will only take a few minutes

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