HOWTO Access A Superfast Linux Desktop From Anywhere Using FreeNX

I think this is great! Discover just how to access your desktop from just about anywhere!

FreeNX allows superfast and secure access to your Linux box from anywhere in the world. This HOWTO is a step-by-step guide for configuring the nxserver, generating custom encrypted keys, and using a combination of Live-CD and USB thumbdrive to create a portable nxclient for remote access.

0 – Start

FreeNX is the GPL-ed free software version of the NXserver technology developed by NoMachine. NX squeezes the fat and chatter out of Xsessions, making possible the use of Linux GUI desktops and applications in remote locations with extreme response over limited bandwidth. Using KDE over FreeNX with a DSL connection is a “like I was right there” experience… little to no lag at all! Even a modem connection gives up a usable computing experience.
This HOWTO uses Kanotix Linux, a Live-CD distribution that can be run entirely from CD or installed to a hard drive….. Source:


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