Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

1) Zimbra (commercial and free versions available)

  • Desktop client compatibility. Sync mail, contacts, and calendar to Microsoft Outlook and/or to Apple (Mail, Address Book, iCal).
  • Professional administration. Real time mailbox backup and restore, high availability clustering, storage cost management.
  • Zimbra Mobile. Over-the-air synchronization of mail, contacts, and calendar data with mobile devices.
  • Advanced web productivity. Ability to search for content inside attachments and view attachments as HTML instead of downloading.
  • Domain management. Ability to re-brand the web client and administer multiple customer domains.

2) Open Xchange (commercial and free versions available)

  • Linux Compatibility. Support 30 different linux distributions.
  • All Information in One folder. Using one folder, users can store all information needed for a particular project, including all contacts, meetings, and background information.
  • Document Management. Automatic versioning, locking of documents during editing, saving from MS Office applications, and access from MS explorer.

3) Scalix (commercial and free versions available)

  • Outlook Support. Offers automatic offline mailbox caching and improved PDA syncing.
  • Plug-in support. Provides certified plug-ins support for Google Desktop and MSN Search, McAfee VirusScan, Symantec Norton Utilities and Captaris RightFax Outlook Extension.
  • Search and Indexing Services. Real-time indexing of private and public folder messages. This results in sub-second mailbox-wide search and retrievals, even in very large mailboxes and folders.

4) Citadel

  • Ajax Support. An intuitive, easy-to-use AJAX interface.
  • Domain Management. Multiple domain support.
  • Easy Installation. installs in minutes without the need to manually integrate all the different components together.

5) opengroupware

  • Contact Management. Saves and organizes thousands of personal and company contacts, telephone, fax, addresses, e-mail contact addresses just to mention a few. Easily configurable with extensive and speedy search capabilities, categorization and remotely accessible.
  • Group Calendar. Manage meetings and events for an entire group or individual set of accounts. Attach notes to appointments. Link appointments to contacts and projects. Automatic detection of conflicts.
  • Resource Planner. Keep track of your company’s resources such as automobiles, projectors or conference rooms. Searchable timeslots to check for availability of specific resources or resources assigned to a specific group. Automatically check for resource conflicts upon appointment creation.

3 Responses to “Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m surprised you made no mention of the Gordano Messaging Suite. It provides a powerful and highly scalable suite of messaging services running under Windows, Linux, Solaris or AIX

    Ease of use and integration, coupled with exceptional performance and scalability are strong points. GMS provides a viable alternative to Exchange.

    Support for leading desktop clients such as Outlook and Entourage combined with Gordano’s own Web Access component provide flexibility.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    From where I can get Gordano

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