Install XFCE on Fedora Core

First have a look at some XFCE Screenshots

# yum -y groupinstall XFCE

Log out
In Sessions choose XFCE
Log in


6 Responses to “Install XFCE on Fedora Core”

  1. migmam Says:

    Where is the config file that I have to edit to add XFCE as a new desktop?

  2. Nikesh Says:

    After doing the installation, logout and on login screen you can find the entry for XFCE in “session” link.

  3. migmam Says:

    Hi Nikesh.

    It’s migmam again.
    What do I have to do if I want XFCE as the unique desktop system in fedora and not to select on from a menu?


  4. Nikesh Jauhari Says:

    For this you need to edit
    /etc/syconfig/desktop file and add the required entry



  5. migmam Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Kevin Says:

    If you type:

    switchdesk window-manager

    where window-manager is KDE GNOME XFCE whatever.

    It’ll do it for you.

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