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FreeBSD 6.2 Guides

This article will guide you through the installation and system preparation for FreeBSD 6.2. This article is not intended to produce a working system, but is the foundation for the progression to either a desktop system or a server. Once this document has been followed to completion, you may either choose to follow the Server or Workstation documents for your system deployment.

Installing FreeBSD 6.2

I will assume that if you are reading this, that you have completed the installation steps described in the previous document Installing FreeBSD 6.2. This document will show the steps to take to deploy a FreeBSD server. This server will have the latest stable from the Apache 2.2 tree, PHP 5, MySQL 5.0, Sendmail with SMTP-AUTH, Webmail, Bind DNS, SNMP, synchronized local time, and Webmin. I have also included steps to take to build a network graphing solution with Rrdtool/Cacti, and this part can be considered optional. This document is basically, “the way I do it”, and I hope you find it useful.

Deploying a FreeBSD 6.2 Server

This is the process that I use when I build my own desktop workstations. I’ll warn that it can be quite time consuming, but in the end, you will have a system that is rock solid stable. Finally, I will assume that you have navigated to this article with a base system already installed, such as by following the document Installing FreeBSD 6.2.

Deploying a FreeBSD 6.2 Desktop