Mount and Access NTFS partition from Linux

There is a Linux-NTFS project. The goals of the project are to develop reliable and full feature access to NTFS by the Linux kernel driver, and by a user space filesystem (ntfsmount), and to provide a wide collection of NTFS utilities (ntfsprogs) and a developer’s library (libntfs) for other GPLed programs.

You can download Linux-NTFS drivers and utilities here
You can download RedHat or Fedora specific binary here

1) Select your Fedora Core Linux version and then download appropriate driver according to your kernel version. To find out your kernel version use following command: uname -a
2) Once downloaded driver use rpm command to install it: rpm -ihv kernel-ntfs*
3) Use fdisk -l command to find out name of NTFS partion: fdisk -l
4) Now to mount NTFS windows XP system partition use following command:
Note : Replace hdXY with you actual device
mkdir -p /mnt/c
mount -t ntfs /dev/hdXY /mnt/c
mount -t ntfs /dev/hdXY /mnt


One Response to “Mount and Access NTFS partition from Linux”

  1. Mr Frosti Says:

    I find it a lot more useful to use the NTFS-3g driver. I know people keep saying that it isn’t for production machines, but I use it frequently on my desktop at home. I have experienced no problems whatsoever with it in almost one month. It makes the Windows partition almost transparent.

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