Full Multimedia Support for OpenSuse 10.2

It’s really suck to read hell lot of documentation about providing the multimedia support in OpenSuse.
Follow the following steps to get the full multimedia support in your OpenSuse-10.2

1) Go to http://benjiweber.co.uk:8080/webpin/index.jsp (or from packman site –> http://packman.iu-bremen.de/suse/10.2/) or any other rpm site (http://rpm.pbone.net/)and download following package for OpenSuse 10.2

libdvdcss –> DVD support
w32codec –> Windows Media Video and Quicktime support

2) Do the installation of these packages (You need to be root)

# rpm -Uvh libxine1* xine-ui* libdvdcss* w32codec*

3) Creating a symbolic link to your device is recommended
# ln -s /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd
# hdparm -d1 /dev/cdrom

All Done, Now fire up xine and enjoy the multimedia support


My Desktop (OpenSuse 10.2)

Secure alternative to telnet

Telnet is a protocol allowing you to connect to a remote system and run programs and commands on that system. It is very old and still very much in use today.

Unfortunately, a telnet client sends the user password as clear text, and the connection is not encrypted. On the other hand, a program called ssh exists that can replace both telnet and ftp in a secure, encrypted way.

Ssh stands for Secure Shell. It will encrypt each connection with a random key, so that it is impossible or at least very hard for a third party to decrypt the connection and find the password, or spy on you.

Use putty (Here)