Rename all files in directory at once

# wget -c
# tar zxvf mvb_1.6.tgz -C /usr/share/
# chown -R root:root /usr/share/mvb_1.6/
# ln -fs /usr/share/mvb_1.6/mvb /usr/bin/mvb

To rename all files in directory at once

# mvb NEW_NAME

One Response to “Rename all files in directory at once”

  1. Steve Doonan Says:

    The most recent version of mvb (a convenient shell script batch file renamer) can be found at the author’s (Steve Doonan’s) website:

    The latest version as of October, 15, 2006, is mvb 2.1, which contains a lot more features, flexibility and functionality than version 1.6.



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