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Solaris vs. Linux

This article compares suitability in large enterprise environments…

Quality of service requirements generally make difficult for specialists to work with more then two flavor on Unix simultaneously (two is probably optimal number of flavors of Unix that can be mastered by an average enterprise Unix administrator). In this respect in any large enterprise that already uses at least two flavors of Unix adding any additional flavor (not necessarily Red Hat of Suse, adding Solaris to AIX and HP-UX mix produced the same result) significantly stretches existing workforce. Such a stretch either deteriorates the quality of system management or creates the necessity to free people who will specialize in this particular Unix flavor; that may require adding to the administrators head count.
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Open Source Linux Profilers

Profilers help pinpoint common performance problems in an application. This article compares and contrasts three commonly used open source profilers for Linux on POWER — OProfile, gprof, and tprof — which are available to end users and programmers for both SUSE and Red Hat Linux distributions. To demonstrate each profiler’s strengths and weaknesses, this article profiles a simple sort program, incorporating three different sorting algorithms. read more…

Install Windows XP on Ubuntu Dapper

For some reason, you might want to install Microsoft Windows XP on Ubuntu Dapper Drake, one of the main reason is because you want to be able to do development without booting your pc into other operating system, the other reason is you might want to try out something on the other operating system while you’re using Linux.

Whatever the reason are, you might run into some trouble if you’re trying to install Windows XP on QEMU for the first time and this howto might get you out from messy situations.

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Automated GUI testing in Linux –> DOGTAIL

Tired of wandering in the wilderness when it comes to building automated Linux GUI tests?
Get introduced to Dogtail. Interface testing isn’t just for Windozzzs anymore.

Check more at: http://people.redhat.com/zcerza/dogtail/

Inside the Linux Boot Process

This article explores the Linux boot process from the initial bootstrap to the start of the first user-space application. Along the way, you’ll learn about various other boot-related topics such as the boot loaders, kernel decompression, the initial RAM disk, and other elements of Linux boot. read more…

Hide files with ext2hide

ext2hide is a proof-of-concept program that seeks to magically hide confidential data and files where nobody will look for them. It accomplishes its magic by making use of otherwise abandoned space in the superblocks in ext2/ext3 filesystems. Even though Jason McManus, the author of the code, has been testing and using ext2hide on his own machines without catastrophic results, I urge you to use the utmost caution both in testing and using it. If you don’t grok superblocks and filesystems, you probably should not experiment with ext2hide, at least until it’s out of beta testing. read more

Windows to Linux software replacement list

One of the biggest difficulties in migrating from Windows to Linux is the lack of knowledge about comparable software. Newbies usually search for Linux analogs of Windows software, and advanced Linux-users cannot answer their questions since they often don’t know too much about Windows :). This list of Linux equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software is based on our own experience and on the information obtained from the visitors of this page… read more…

Balancing network traffic over multiple connections

Turning redundant Internet connections into bandwidth…

Say you have access to multiple links to the Internet, such as several wireless networks in range. Wouldn’t it be nice to combine all that bandwidth into one big fat pipe for your downloading pleasure?

Unfortunately it’s not so easy. You can’t just trunk them together because they each have a different public IP address, gateway, etc.

What you can do however, thanks to some nifty Linux NetFilter extensions, is assign outgoing connections to different interfaces. This will allow protocols such as BitTorrent to utilize bandwidth from each of the links.

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Firewall logs to MySQL

This article covers quick and easy firewall logging to your database.

Security is a journey, not a destination. One good step along the way is to review and analyze your firewall logs and syslog messages on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the plain text logs produced by syslog are not in a form that is easily analyzed. Also, unless you are using syslog-ng, your firewall logs are probably scattered all over the various system message log files.

This article will show you how to move your firewall logs from syslog text files to a MySQL database in 10 minutes or so. read more…