How do I crash Linux?

Benefits of Linux

Linux can give you:

1. A modern, very stable, multi-user, multitasking environment on your inexpensive PC hardware.

2. Standard platform. Linux is VERY standard–it is essentially a POSIX compliant UNIX.

3.Unsurpassed computing power, portability, flexibility, and customizibility.

4. Advanced graphical user interface.

5. Dozens of excellent, free, general-interest desktop applications.

6. Thousands of free applets, tools, and smaller programs. “Small is beautiful” goes well with Linux philosophy.

7. Hundreds of specialized applications built by researchers around the world.

8. Support for commercial programs including all the big databases (Not Windowz).

9. A truly great learning platform.

10. Excellent networking capability.

11.Connectivity to Microsoft, Novel, and Apple networks. Reading/writing to your DOS/MS Windows and other disk formats.

12. Programming languages and tools for development.

13. Freedom from viruses, “backdoors”

14. Linux is not owned

And many many more …

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