Linux Partitioning with GParted

Of course, if you make a mistake, you can still destroy your data..

GParted is a free utility that allows you to partition your hard drive without destroying your data. It is a Linux program, but can be used to partition filesystems for Windows (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) and Mac OS X (HFS, HFS+) as well.

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Create Image (ISO) files from folders

mkisofs -o file.iso /location_of_folder/

Install XFCE on Fedora Core

First have a look at some XFCE Screenshots

# yum -y groupinstall XFCE

Log out
In Sessions choose XFCE
Log in

Install P2P BitTorrent Client (Azureus, aMule, LimeWire)


wget -c
tar jxvf Azureus_2.3.0.6_linux.tar.bz2 -C /opt
gedit /usr/share/applications/azureus.desktop
  • Add the following to the new file:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=A Bittorrent client
  • Applications -> Internet -> Azureus


yum -y install amule
  • Applications -> Internet -> aMule


wget -c
unzip -u -d /opt/
rm -f
gedit /usr/bin/
  • Insert the following lines into the new file
cd /opt/LimeWire/
  • Save the edited file
chmod +x /usr/bin/
gedit /usr/share/applications/LimeWire.desktop
  • Insert the following lines into the new file
[Desktop Entry]
  • Save the edited file
  • Applications -> Internet -> LimeWire

Fedora : Install Flash Player (Macromedia Flash) Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox

yum --enablerepo=flash install flash-plugin

Restart Mozilla Firefox

Linux Load Balancing with BalanceNG

A lightweight utility for load balancing…

BalanceNG (Balance Next Generation) is user-mode load balancing software with its own network stacks that runs over Linux and Solaris. All the work is done by the software; the operating system is used only for accessing the physical network interfaces and TCP/IP functions. It supports many different load balancing methods, including round robin, random, hash, and least resource.

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Hide a Linux Filesystem

Sometimes it’s best that the very presence of a filesystem is hidden…

Simple file encryption is useful, but sometimes it’s more useful to encrypt a complete filesystem or disk, such as when you need to protect a large set of files. Or you may need not only to protect, but to completely hide the presence of sensitive data from prying eyes. For these cases, here are several options for securing your systems.

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Import Outlook Express email into Thunderbird and Evolution

This tutorial shows how you can import Outlook Express emails, contacts, and account settings into Mozilla Thunderbird and Evolution. This is quite useful if you want to switch from Windows to Linux but do not want to lose your mails and address book. The procedure should be similar if you use Outlook instead of Outlook Express. read more…


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